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The Phorbin Nucleus

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XVII. Sequenced Apoproteins of Pigment-Protein Complexes

A. Apoproteins of Photosystem I (PSI)

1. Chloroplast-Encoded Polypeptides of PSI

a. PSI-A
b. PSI-B
c. PSI-C
d. PSI-I
e. PSI-J

2. Nuclear-Encoded Polypeptides of PSI

a. PSI-D
b. PSI-E
c. PSI-F
d. PSI-G
e. PSI-H
f. PSI-K
g. PSI-L
h. PSI-M

B. Apoproteins of Photosystem II (PSII)

1. Reaction Center Apoproteins of PSII

a. D1 (34 kDa)
b. D2 (32 kDa)
c. Cyt b559

2. Inner Chl a Antennae of PSII

a. CP43 (Inner Chl a antenna)
b. CP47 (Inner Chl a antenna)

3. The Major Outer Antenna System (LHCII)

4. Minor Outer Antennae

a. CP29
b. CP26
c. CP24

5. Extrinsic Proteins of PSII

6. Other Mischellaneous Protein Components of PSII

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