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Porphyrin Analytical Tools

Porphyrin Analytical Tools (PAT) (Rebeiz and Saab, 1995) refers to a series of computer programs that allow the performance of quantitative and qualitative manipulations of tetrapyrrole spectral fluorescence data acquired in the Data.dat format using SLM software. To use this program the user has to load an SLM Data.dat file anywhere on his computer. If such a file is not available, email crebeiz@uiuc.edu. By return mail the user will reveive a zipped, self-extracting Data.dat file containing spectral data that allow the user to experiment with all the described PAT routines. The user should drag the Data.dat file attachment to any directory on the computer and accept extracting the file to that directory . In order to perform quantitative calculations with the Java routine, it is mandatory to download and install the Java (TM) 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition file named: J2re-1_4_0_01-windows-i586. This self-extractable and -installable file can be downloaded from the following website: http://java.sun.com, by clicking the "Download J2seTMv1.4 Now" button. Once this file is installed click on the Porphyrin Analytical Tools link to access the calculation window. Following the appearance of the calculation window, a Java Security Warning Window is echoed to the screen. To activate the calculation window, click the Grant This Session button.

PAT programs are organized into three groups of modules namely an Access Module, Equation Module, and a Matrix Module. A brief explanation of each module is given below. A detailed description of the chemsitry and biochemistry undelying the described routines is given in an extensive review (Rebeiz, 2002).


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