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  • M. S-Adenosyl- Mg- Protoporphyrin IX Methyltransferase (SAM-Mg-Proto MT)
  • 1. SAM-Mg-Proto MT
  • 2. Sequence Similarity Search for SAM-Mg-Proto MT

    M. S-Adenosyl-Mg-Proto Methyltransferase (SAM-Mg-Proto MT)

    A query for SAM-Mg-Proto MT (Section IV/ B. The Mg-Proto Monomethyl Ester Pool) addressed to the Various protein databases listed in the Biology Workbench, yielded 3 unique records which are depicted under Sequenced SAM-Mg-Proto MT. These sequences can be used for Sequence Similarity Searches or other manipulations using one of several routines described in the Biology Workbench. For example a Blast R. Capsulatus SAM-Mg-Proto MT Sequence Similarity Search addressed to the Biology Workbench (SwissProt database) is depicted below.

    1. SAM-Mg-Proto MT

    Click on Sequences to view the various SAM-Mg-Proto MT sequences retrieved from various protein sequence databases by the Biology Workbench.

    2. Sequence Similarity Search for SAM-Mg-Proto MT

    Click on Sequence Similarity Search to view the Blast barley Mg-Proto Chelatase sequence similarity search results from the Biology workbench (SwissProt database).